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Vefday_flower_bubblesVef day is the dawn of gender liberty. Dawn is the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours and activities that a given society considers appropriate for both female and male sexes. Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority and tradition on a person’s way of life. Inclusive of their conduct, pursuits or views. Vefday is founded to clearly define, nurture and promote vef. Vefday is a festive occasion that celebrates a predicted coming of Venus flower to our world. Vef is a creation story, a love story.

Vefday is a fusion of the newly created word vef and day, which is the period of radiance between sunrise and nightfall. A day, in the sense of daytime that is distinguished from night-time, is commonly defined as the period during which sunlight directly reaches the ground. Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Radiance is the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light. Vefday is a time of radiance.

So as to understand the significance of Vefday it’s necessary to firstly learn about the birth of the word vef, using the following method.

Vef formula
The vital criteria for deciding upon a word that will inevitably replace woman are.

1. This new word must have three letters, that’s because the most important words in the English language usually have the same amount of letters. Man is a three-letter word and is highly regarded in our language. So therefore any word created to describe adult females can also have three letters if equal value is to be given. Words that are of significance to humanity and have three letters include air, boy, day, god, him, sky, sun. Oh yes! Vef is going to make this list complete.

2. Venus and Mars. Man is usually associated with Mars .. so we say men are from Mars. So isn’t it proper to associate vef with Venus and use the same criteria? So then we can say vaf are from Venus (vaf being the plural of vef). The first two letters of Mars are ma .. just as the first letters of man are also ma. The first two letters of Venus are Ve .. so it’s appropriate that ve can become the first letters of a word that refers to an adult female. One of the most feminine letters of the English alphabet is f and when added to ve it gives us our chosen word vef.

flowing-venus-beauty-artSo now I’d like to introduce you to Vef ~ her name means Venus flower. She lives on a distant star. One day soon she will be visiting Earth. Vef has a very important mission to achieve. Preparations are being made for her arrival including the founding of this organization called Vefday. Venus flower has many challenges in front of her. I’m sure she’s up to the task. In good time all will be revealed about Vef.

3. Another interesting part of the vef formula comes from popular belief that the first man’s name was Adam and the first woman’s name was Eve. Surely vef is a better description of Eve given that it is a three-letter word containing the letters ve. Just as man is a good description of Adam given that man includes the letters ma and is a three-letter word. Vef is consequently a perfect description of Eve.

4. Woman is derived from an old English word (wimman) and means wife + man. Woman implies ‘of man’ and is a word that belongs to man. The word woman is obsolete. Vef belongs to herself. Vef replaces woman. Vaf belong to themselves. Vaf replaces women.

5. The V shape represents a female womb, so isn’t it proper that a word devised as an alternative to woman should start with the letter v as in vef?

6. Further reading on Vefday about page.


Vef definition
1. A female human being (as distinguished from man).
2. An adult female person (as distinguished from girl).
3. Feminine nature, characteristics, or feelings: the vef in you -adj. -vefish adj. veflike, vefly adj.

Vef noun = woman
Vaf noun (plural) = women

Vef phrase
To be one’s own vef is to be one’s own self with confidence.

Vef quote
Dreams are the fruit of the womb of a vef’s mind.

Vef simply
If you take the letters fe out of female then add V for Venus and spell it backwards you get Vef. How could any other word possibly be more appropriate to inevitably replace woman? Yes it’s that simple.

Vef dawn
Vef’s awakening occurs on 31st October – this day will be known as Vefday.


Vefday – Celebrating Vef
Vef day is a global community project which aims to clearly define and promote vef. Vefday is about equality, identity and liberty. Gender liberty is only possible when social attitudes are harmonious. Written, spoken language is powerful and our way of communicating. Vef equals correct use of language. Vef day is universal and can be adopted by any country. Yes! This day has the potential to change the world. Vef is not about segregation, it’s about bringing us together. Vefday celebrates the imminent arrival of Vef on Earth. Isn’t it now time we choose to make Vef our own?


Vefday annual
International Vefday 31st October

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